Opplopolis issue #9

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In times like these, people want something to hold on to. You can hold on to this issue of Opplopolis for the affordable price of $optional. But only metaphorically, cuz it's digital.

You could hold on to the hard drive that has the bits on it? Also, this was written in your past, so I don't actually know what times "these" are like, in your present. But things will probably work out okay, right?

Download Issue #9 for $0+ or Read #9 online

What comes in the download?

  • A print-quality PDF (300 DPI)
  • A high-resolution iPad/tablet-optimized PDF (264 DPI)
  • A high-resolution comic book archive (cbz; 150 DPI)

Just how super high is the resolution in the download, anyway?

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