Opplopolis issue #11

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Hey, kids! Marvedyne, here. You can call me Marve.

Life is hard when you're an ambiguous, reality-altering, possibly metaphorical thingamawhat. I should know. So I'm here to ask a favor. Download this issue of Opplopolis. When people download Opplopolis, my fictionspace folds into the shape of a nine-dimensional hypercrane! It looks HILARIOUS!

Plus, you only have to pay money if you want to!

Download Issue #11 for $0+ or Read #11 online

What comes in the download?

  • A print-quality PDF (300 DPI)
  • A high-resolution iPad/tablet-optimized PDF (264 DPI)
  • A high-resolution comic book archive (cbz; 150 DPI)

I want to seeeee!

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