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Opplopolis #13

posted September 9, 2014 11:32 pm

13 is finished. Gumroad link here.

I know that only a few of you take advantage of the digital issues, but I'm going to keep it up for consistency's sake. If you've never seen them, I put a little teaser drawing from the next episode in the back that you won't see anywhere else. Not that there's anything great about those drawings (they're just sketches, really) but I think it's funny that there's that little piece of extra information out there. No biggy, though. I consider the pdfs as an alternative to a donate button.

Now that the print collection is out, though, if you want to shoot me a little money that's the way to go. Here's your biweekly link to the amazon page. It's 44% off this week, and if my experience with the NPWIL books is any indication that's probably as low as it's going to get. It's actually at a price now that I am totally comfortable with. So if you've been holding off on it now's the time.

Opplopolis Volume 1

posted September 1, 2014 11:08 am

Remember how I've been promising Opplopolis in print for the past six months? Remember how I've been messing around saying maybe it should be in black and white and maybe it should be in five chapter collections rather than ten and bla bla bla? Well, no! Here it is: volume one, chapters one through ten, full-color, 278 pages, (I mean, it's actually kind of heavy!), Cover gallery in the back, lightly edited (just a little, just to fix some wonky faces here and there), matte cover that feels strangely rubbery (gross, but in a good way), cheap at twice the price (well, no, not really, but it's not that bad, considering.)

For sale. Now. Here.

Buy it now or leave a review. Even if you hate it. Especially if you hate it! Why does nobody say anything bad about my work, I wonder. Or, you know, a good review is fine, too.

Oh yeah, PS, BTW, those NPWIL books are still for sale, too. Volume one, and volume two. The price is slowly creeping up on them, so if you haven't gotten your set, you'd better pick them up soon. And if you have, please leave a review there, too.