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Couple of things

posted October 11, 2014 11:10 am

Just a short note to keep everyone informed. I checked on the amazon page for the Opplopolis collection today and noticed that the kindle edition of the first chapter has been tied to the print collection (which is why Tim seems to have reviewed the book twice.) I should have realized that this would happen as they are both the first volumes of a series called "Opplopolis", but it took a while for amazon to make the connection so I didn't notice right away. I did something to fix it, but until that takes effect please don't be misled; you can't actually get the 278 page book on kindle for $2.99.

I'm taking a little break, in case you haven't noticed. Just a little time to mull over some things without worrying about knocking out four pages of comics every week. I've got a trip coming up from which I will return on the 23rd, so I'll get back to this sometime after that. How long after, I don't know. Like I said, the point is I'm not worrying about it.

I am participating in that inktober thing, though, if you're interested.