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Opplopolis Ch. 4 pg 3-4

posted January 7, 2013 12:17 pm

Luke begins his interview with former b-movie star Shirley Kidd.

Hey!  Good news!  We are like this close (indicating a very small distance) to being ready to unveil the new web-home of Opplopolis.  You know, the one we've been talking about for four months?  It may even happen in the middle of this week.  I'll let everyone know the moment it's ready.  That also means I'm going to start actually promoting the comic.  I know, crazy!  That means that all of you reading this are in the "I read Opplopolis before it sold out" club.  So give yourselves a smug little nod!

More big news!  This exists!

How I'm going to get them to you, we'll see.  But, hey!