About Opplopolis

A public intellectual, a collectivist pop-star and her hard-boiled assistant, a spy, an artist, a hacker, two cinema zinesters, a baron and his family, a b-movie director turned aristocratic gangster, a group of mask-wearing cultists, a mysterious gunman, a no-nonsense bartender, an immortal grad-student, too many dogs, and a race of extraterrestrial beings are all bound together by the mysterious "Marvedyne." But do any of them really know what "Marvedyne" is?

Opplopolis is an online graphic novel published in 24 page chapters every few months. Start reading here.

About the Author

Kit Roebuck is the pen name of painter and illustrator Adam Reed. His first graphic novel, Nine Planets without Intelligent Life, episodes of which appeared sporadically at bohemiandrive.com between 2003 and 2011, was published in a two-volume collection in 2013. Nine Planets without Intelligent Life won a Web-cartoonist's Choice award in 2006 for best sci-fi webcomic.

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You can contact Kit at kit@bohemiandrive.com, at the Opplopolis page on Facebook, or @kitroebuck on Twitter.  Feel free to send a message about any old thing.